The past is dark and cannot be retrieved, the road ahead is bright and brilliant - to the already arrived year 2024.

I wrote two versions of the year-end summary for 2023. One version was straightforward, while the other was filled with emotions. However, one day I suddenly thought of the phrase "the past is dark and untraceable, but the future is bright and brilliant." So far, I don't plan to release either version directly. Perhaps they will appear in other ways in due course.

In 2023, I tried many things, including setting up my own studio. I planned to have a career in addition to my main job, with information technology consulting as the primary focus, followed by software development, video editing, and graphic design.

I decided to become a VUP at the beginning of the year, but my focus was on live streaming and improving the visual experience when making videos. Therefore, the accuracy of the models was low. I persisted in live streaming on Bilibili throughout the year and started preparing for high productivity and simultaneous updates on multiple platforms for video uploads and column writing. I primarily focused on Bilibili for video content, while also uploading to A 站,Little Black Box, Douyin, and Video Number. For written content, I mainly focused on my personal blog, which was also synchronized to xlog, WeChat public account, Juejin, CSDN, and Zhihu.

I tried several freelancer platforms for the first time and eventually received a task from a British employer on Upwork. We had pleasant communication and I delivered the work quickly, earning my first extra income.

I also signed up for data analysis certification and PMP certification and worked hard to prepare for the exams.

However, apart from the income from Bilibili, the start of Upwork, and passing the CDA Level 1 certification, there was not much progress in other aspects. Overall, I blindly invested a lot of money and time without seeing much return. Daily trivial matters also distracted me from putting much effort into these things, so naturally, I didn't achieve satisfactory results. Upon careful consideration, although it is important not to be afraid to take the first step, blindly rushing forward is not a good thing either. An individual's energy is ultimately limited, and there are so many other things to consider. If I don't control the scope and wholeheartedly focus on a few specific areas, I will likely repeat the same mistakes.

In 2023, I deeply regret not using AI as a tool to help me with work and other tasks earlier. Thanks to the rapid development of AI technology, my productivity has greatly improved with the help of AI tools, and my main job has finally started to break free from the confusion of the past two years, showing some development.

In 2024, I need to clarify my goals, accurately assess my time and energy, and "fish with a fishing rod" instead of "casting a wide net." I will focus on developing my technical skills and expanding my social network, gradually improving my abilities and influence. To achieve this, I believe the first step is to simplify and reduce my presence to a few specific platforms for content creation. For example, I will only publish articles on my personal blog and xLog, upload videos only on Bilibili and YouTube, and livestream only on Twitch and YouTube. Then, I will repost this content on my Twitter and Telegram channels (perhaps I will consider joining the Meta platform in the future, but not in the short term). I will not try to establish a presence on other platforms but instead focus solely on content creation and building the theme of my channels.

There is also another reason for doing this. From 2018, when I complained to Zhihu and Blog Garden about "my personal blog articles being plagiarized and published as original content," to the beginning of 2024 when my tweets were reposted without attribution on Xiaohongshu, I have been very disappointed with some platforms. On the other hand, in 2023, I only published one article on my public account, and I haven't posted many videos on A 站 and Douyin. It seems that I don't have the energy to synchronize content anymore, so it's better to stop updating altogether.

In addition to simplifying, I also need to find a niche field to continuously cultivate. Since I use Vue the most, even though many talented people have already created high-quality content, I will likely focus on a specific application point in Vue. However, this may not be something that can be determined overnight. There are many other things that interest me, and I can find specific points to delve into and explore.

Furthermore, I will continue to acquire new knowledge, obtain relevant certifications that I failed to achieve last year, continue freelancing, and tinker with some "infrastructure." These activities may be interspersed throughout 2024. I hope that 2024 will be a meaningful year for me, and I also hope it will be a happy year.

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